Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Weekend

This past weekend we all spent the weekend at my parent's house. We went for a bike ride on Saturday. I had some mechanical troubles with my bike and after over an hour of trying to get air in the tires, we finally managed to get it going. But, with such a late start Joe and I rode 25 miles with my mom while everyone else was out on a 45 mile route.

Saturday night Joe and I went with my parents and grandparents to a local winery to watch an Elvis impersonator. He was pretty good. I really wasn't sure what to expect. I'm certain that Joe and I were the youngest people in the audience. Addison stayed at G & G's with uncle TJ. Check out some photos from their time together,

On Monday we did a little yard work. Addison likes to help me in the garden. I showed her how to plant the peas in a nice row. Then I turned around and this is what I found. She was so excited about her work.

Addison is also getting very good at opening the car doors. She gets in the car, puts on a seat belt and then tries to put the keys in the ignition. I have to remember to lock the doors when ever we get home! Hopefully you won't read about the two year old that drove the car through the garage!

This was yesterday when Addison decided to dress herself. She wore the shirt like this for about two hours before she decided she needed help to make it more comfortable :-)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just a Statistic?

I started writing this post on Friday, but never got around to posting it. The sad thing is that the health of my family is still compromised five days later :-(

Last Friday, Joe stayed home from work with a horrible stomach ache and slight fever. I was determined to not get sick so I made him spend most of the day in the guest bedroom and even made him sleep there. One of our friends said that I was "mean and should be more loving" but there isn't much to love about a sick husband!

Addison vomited on Friday night and seemed to be fine after. She woke up so confused and traumatized in a huge nasty mess. After a bath at 1am, she crawled back into bed and gladly went to sleep. On Saturday morning, everyone woke up feeling OK. Whew...the worst must be over.

Unfortunately not! Joe was sick again on Sunday, while Addison was just a bit under the weather. This morning Addison woke up at 3am and has been vomiting ever since. We've changed her bedding at least three times and now she is laying on the floor in the living room. Poor kid :-( I just want her to feel better...or at least be able to keep some food and water down!

So are we victims of the Swine Flu? Yesterday the doctor didn't seemed too concerned. I choose to think that the swine flu is over-rated. I think we've just got something nasty that came from daycare or the indoor playland. Someday I'll learn not go there! We are not part of the .0000000whatever % that has the news media so hyped up!

On the bright side...I ran and finished my first ever 10K on Saturday. It was part of my training for a half-marathon and I'm planning to do in June.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Addison is 2!!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Addison!!
Wow, I can't believe Addison is 2 already. The past two years seem like they happened overnight. Everyone says "oh, they just grow up so fast", but it really is true.

Addison left with my parents this morning and will be home on Thursday. I have so much planned for my 2 1/2 free days, I don't even know where to start! Hooray for grandparents!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Easter!
I was reading Matt & Rachel's blog today and noticed that it has been two month since this blog was updated! Yes, we're due for an update...

In February, Joe and I spent two weeks with my family in New Zealand while Addison stayed with Grandma & Grandpa Roberts. I know that we had a great time, and I'm pretty sure that Addison had a good time too :) Here are a few photos. I really wish that this blog site made it easier to upload photos!
Watch out for the Kiwi's! The bird...not the natives :)

Our trip was mostly cycling. We cycled the Central Otago Railtrail from one end to the other. It was my first experience on a mountain bike and I love it! Here we've just reached the end of the trail and now we get on our road bikes. 
A monument to the Border Collie. 
Yes, it does rain in New Zealand. I think everyone in the group had given up on riding this day. 
Franz Josef Glacier in the rain.
Sunset in Queenstown. This was my favorite town in New Zealand. It was beautiful!

In March, we visited the High Desert Museum in Bend. Addison enjoyed the animals. It was VERY cold that day, so we stayed inside most of the time. 

She liked watching Speedy, the turtle, move but we couldn't convince her to pet him. 

This is our most successful potty training day yet. She actually told Joe that she needed to go potty. 

One night Addison decided to put daddy "night, night". She took every blanket, sheet, towel, wash cloth, mattress pad that she could find in her dresser and covered Joe up. She was so proud of herself, but frustrated because she couldn't get the blankets to cover his arms. 
Addison went on an Easter Egg hunt today. We celebrated Easter with friends here in Redmond. Addison was really getting into finding the eggs and it went much better than the downtown egg hunt that we went to yesterday. I think that yesterday there were so many people and eggs it was very overwhelming to her. 
After the Easter Egg hunt yesterday...

I haven't been working since we got home from New Zealand so Addison and I have had lots of time for playdates, library story time and gymnastics. Addison's favorite activity is gymnastics and everyday she asks for "jumpy jumpy".  My new sanctuary is an 8x12 greenhouse. I've already been able to start veggies, plants and a few hanging baskets. It is truly a sanctuary when the outside temperature is 40 and the temp in the greenhouse is 80! My own tropical paradise :) We are all looking forward to spring staying permanently! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Little Monkey

Addison has successfully learned how to get out of her crib :( I am not excited about the new skill that she has mastered. On Monday, she ended up taking her nap on the floor. Bedtime went well until about 1am when she got out of her crib and made her way into our bedroom. She spent the rest of the night in the pack and play.

Last night, Joe took the front off the crib so that it becomes a toddler bed. Addison didn't want anything to do with her new bed. She only wanted to sleep in the twin bed that is also in her room. So, we put a side rail on the twin bed and she went to sleep. That was pretty easy. Then at 2am, she was in our room again. UG! Too tired to deal with it, we put her in the pack & play and she went to sleep. 

I was dreading nap time, but she was asleep in about 5 minutes and only got out of bed once. Hopefully tonight is just as easy! We've got to get tough and make her stay in her room...easier said than done. She does look cute in her new big bed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I downloaded 140 pictures from my camera are some of my favorites.

Addison has become quite a bookworm. She loves to have books read to her. She and Joe have a new weekend ritual. She climbs into our bed with her favorite books and he reads to her. couldn't resist this photo op today.

Addison has been taking a weekly gymnastics class for about 2 months. When she started she would sit in the middle of the mats and cry for the whole hour. After two weeks, I was ready to give up. The third week something happened...she started having fun. After about two months, she will let the teacher touch her, she jumps on the trampoline and even will go upside down around the bar. Just last week Addison decided to jump off the trampoline into the foam pit all by herself. This is about a 3 foot drop!

Addison is learning to talk and will say her name, but it sounds something like "Athsssuuun". She's also doing well with "peas" and "dank a". Her new favorite word is "jumpy", but that sounds more like "dumpy" and her favorite activity is jumping on beds, couches, and when she can't get on either of those, she'll settle for the floor.

I have more great pictures, but this silly blogger is frustrating me. I'll try another day. I'll try not to go so long between posts :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

New Pictures

Wow! It's been a long time since our last post. Here are some cute pictures of Addison.

This is in South Dakota the first day we were there and the only day that it didn't rain. It was still cold!
Addison is learning to garden :) She like to push her wheelbarrow, but doesn't want to put anything in it. 
Dad's little couch potato!